Introducing smartbox from DISH, the single solution for your entire property portfolio.

A new revolutionary video platform delivering energy efficiency, flexibility, redundancy and requiring less space.

Smartbox delivers more features, capabilities and quality picture than any other traditional solutions:

  • Up to 96 HD Channels
  • More variety to cater to residents
  • Best clarity for smart TV's

Smartbox adapts to current configurations and is prepared for the next generation as technology advances.

  • An optimized, long-term solution; ready to grow with you
  • World class, 24/7/365 support available through Synergy Fiber
  • Best clarity for smart TV's

flat mobile devices

93% Smaller

Takes up to 93% less space than conventional equipments.

93% less power usage.

Reduces 90% of the power used for low operation cost.

Virtual Monitoring

Reduces downtime with simplistic design and virtual monitoring.