FAQ Frequently asked questions

How do I connect via WiFi?

Connect your device wirelessly by selecting your building’s WiFi network and enter the SSID & password provided to you during move-in. Repeat this process to connect all your devices to the wireless network.

How do I connect via Ethernet?

To use a wired connection, connect your computer to the nearest Ethernet port. Once attached, you will have full internet access.

How to connect gaming consoles?

For the best experience, we recommend connecting your game console via Ethernet. Consoles may be connected wirelessly, however not all features may be available.

How to connect other devices?

Some wireless devices such as printers, Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, etc, require network access. The amenity WiFi does not allow these devices to access the network. To utilize these devices you need a private network connection. You may order upgraded service by contacting the help desk.

What to do with WiFi issues?

Confirm WIFI is on and connected to proper SSID

  • Forget WIFI network and re-add
  • Reboot computer If you’re still experiencing issues, contact Synergy support for further assistance.

What if my IP is already in use?

Forget and rejoin the network

How can I connect to private wireless?

Step One:
Create an account and add all of the MAC addresses of your devices here: http://register.synergyfiber.com/. There is a video you can watch that will provide you some instruction on registering your devices. Make sure to register anything you want on your private network including your laptop etc. You can use this link to help you find the MAC address of common devices. https://www.synergyfiber.com/documents/MAC-Address-Guide.pdf

Step Two:
Connect to the SSID: