Television service is provided via a cable connected to a coax jack on the wall. The amenity Dish service requires your TV be equipped with a digital QAM tuner. Most newer TV’s utilize QAM, however, if your TV does not have a QAM tuner you may contact us to order and install one. For more information, visit and select your TV model. Amenity TV’s provided by the property will already be programmed when you move in, there is no need for additional setup. Personal TV’s will need to be connected to the wall jack and then run an “auto-scan” or “auto-program” to pick up channels.

FAQFrequently asked questions

What if I have upgrade issues?

Reboot your receiver.

Run a channel scan (Note: If you attempt a channel scan during a building-wide service outage, you will need to run another channel scan after service is restored for your TV to pick up all channels again).

What if I keep having issues?

Confirm if other TV’s in your apartment have the same issue
Contact support with the following information:

  • - TV Model
  • - Which channels you are missing
  • - What message or error is displayed

What if I'm missing channels?

  • Confirm the cable is connected properly from the TV to the wall.
  • Go to the TV Menu and select “Channel” or “Setup".
  • Find the option “Auto channel search”, “Auto-tune” or “Auto-program".
  • Select and perform the channel scan under “Cable” option

The steps for performing a channel scan can vary depending on the model of your TV. If you cannot successfully complete a channel scan using the steps above, please check the user manual provided for your TV. If you don’t have the original user manual, try searching your TV make and model online and follow the steps for completing a channel scan.

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